Saturday, February 8, 2014

We are all faced with surprises in life. Some are pleasant, wonderful moments. Others are things we never saw coming that can change our lives, for good or bad.

We live in a world where people say "nothing surprises me anymore", but it does.

Many of us spend our lives trying to be in control, when we live in a world determined to show us otherwise.

Sometimes we surprise ouselves when we strip away the covers and look at who we really are.

I wrote Surprises (In the Cat's Eye, 2009) as a commentary on just how little control we really have.

Any good magician can quickly show how little we can trust our own observations to prepare us for what is really happening.

A voracious reader will be constantly surprised by the world that is revealed between the pages of books.

But for all of us, the biggest surprise is always saved for the end.

Enjoy the journey.

Glenn K. Currie



The surprise is in the magician

Who makes the elephant disappear.

The audience lined up

Like candles in a cake,

And blown away in a breath.

The surprise is in the boxes

Opened by performers in a play.

Colorful wrappings of paper egos

Stripped away in joyous haste,

Revealing naked children dancing.

The surprise is in the alphabet soup

Served in the sideshows of life.

Words eaten by hungry students

Hiding from the bullies

Who rule the world’s playgrounds.

The surprise is in the audience

When they learn they are the show.

When the dancing stops,

The magicians run out of tricks,

And the Earth stops turning.