Thursday, June 15, 2017

I have not written here in a while because I really don't know what to say. the world seems so full of violence, hatred and disunity that it leaves me feeling lost.

I can only hope that we find our way out of this darkness that has enveloped the world.

The good news in New England is that summer is almost here. To honor it's arrival and to focus on some positives, I am publishing one of my new poems.I hope you enjoy Summer Dresses.

Glenn K. Currie

Summer Dresses
                                                copyright 2017, Glenn K. Currie
I love summer dresses,
The way they shape and define,
And yield to each capricious breeze.
Their colors brighten the day,
Bringing a sense of freedom,
That reflects in the steps
Of the wearers.

Their arrival is a sign
That there is still hope
In a cynical world.
That at any moment
Something wonderful can appear
That will lift people’s eyes
From their smart phones.