Tuesday, March 24, 2020

March 22, 2020

Sorry I have not  posted in a while. I have been dealing with the same distractions as all of us and trying to put our lives in order. Among the many changes has been restricted to our home for a few weeks. The poem below is a new one that reflects some of my conclusions from this new observation post. I hope you all stay safe in these difficult times.

March 22,2020
              Glenn K. Currie

I am a social distancer
On a walk to freedom.
Rip Van Winkle in a neighborhood
Where I have lived for thirty-five years.

I have passed through a stargate,
And awakened to televisions
That are best left unwatched.
Phones that search for silence.

My only conversation this morning,
A mourning dove nesting in my garage.
I gave her the weather report,
She ignored me with dignity.

Two fat robins observed me with disdain,
Then returned to their search for food.
A solitary woodpecker broke the silence,
Then led an ornithological choir.

Earth seems to be enjoying
This humbling of humanity.
Her chance to replenish the air
And reestablish dominance.

Last night I stood beneath the stars,
Bathing in their ancient light.
They told me stories uncensored
By civilization’s white out.

Tales of a world overwhelmed by pestilence,
Fires that engulf continents,
Locusts promising famines,
Floods that would float our land.

This beautiful morning their message
Seemed lost in the quiet peace.
But as I walked
I noticed horsemen following.

Copyright 2020 Glenn K. Currie