Monday, December 9, 2013

The Road Untraveled (In the Cat’s Eye, 2009) is a poem I wrote for some friends and read at their wedding. All of us hope to find a friend in life with whom we can share our journey. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have that dream come true. It is a great gift.

If it were in my power, this would be what I would wish for all of you. For those of you who have already found that person, God has blessed you. For those still searching, may you be blessed soon with someone with whom to walk the “untraveled road”.
Glenn K. Currie

The Road Untraveled

(For Rocket and Robin)

There are no maps for roads untraveled.

Twists and turns are only charted,

As viewed in our rear view mirrors.

Destinations are places in dreams,

Never quite matching reality.


Each of us faces so many variables,

So many decisions made and not made,

That finding a fellow traveler,

To share life’s journeys, life’s choices,

Often seems the stuff of fairy tales.


Yet sometimes, the heavens align,

And some of us are blessed

To find a partner,

To share both the dreams, and the reality.

Such events are cause for celebration.


We gather together in recognition

When this miracle happens.

That in the vast expanse of the universe,

We do not have to be alone.

That warmth exists outside the stars.


We rejoice in the looks and touches

Of love and friendship.

The chance to see the world in broader spectrum.

In the opportunity to seek out

An untraveled road…together.