Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thoughts to Keep Things in Perspective

It is okay not to know everything. But strive to know the right things.

Parents will never have all the answers. But if you can pass on to your children a reverence for the beauties of life and the world that sustains it, you will probably have given them a good start at finding answers on their own.

Part of what makes our stay on earth precious is that we know it is finite. Don’t waste it.

Knowledge is the gift that we hope to get to replace the theft of our youth.

Wisdom is probably something as simple as just knowing not to make the same mistakes over and over. The constant search for wisdom may be one of those mistakes that keeps us from finding it.

The reason most intellectuals turn out to be idiots is that they are smart enough to destroy themselves but not smart enough to save themselves.

The most successful “livers of life” that I have known shared some common traits. They approached life …and death with a sense of curiosity, inner strength, humility, passion and, above all, humor. Ultimately, their sense of humor seemed to serve them well when questions became more important than answers.
Glenn K. Currie



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