Saturday, February 1, 2014

In keeping with the Super Bowl tomorrow and all the endless hype that we have suffered through for the last two weeks, I thought it might be timely to put up National Anthem. This is a poem that I included in my collection In the Cat's Eye (Snapscreenpress, 2009). I wrote this one day when I was particularly disgusted with the attitude of a lot of our sports heroes who seem to forget that they are part of a team. it can easily apply to a few members of the teams playing in this year's superbowl.

Glenn K. Currie

National Anthem


It’s all about me!

It’s all about me!


That’s how it should be.

Speaking candidly,

I’m in love with me.

Me! Me! Me!

It’s all about me!


It’s hypocrisy,

To didactically,

Preen endlessly,

About humanity.

Just turn on TV,

And you will see,

The reality.

It’s all about me!


So when up you stand,

With heart in your hand,

Prepared for the band’s

First song of the land,

Please sing after me,

“Oh say can you see,

The land of the free,

Is all about me”.