Sunday, February 16, 2014

While we are on the subject of screwed up relationships, (see my last entry),I thought it might be useful to point out that sometimes girl/boy relationships are doomed from the start.
In my newest book, Surviving Seventh Grade, (Snap Screen Press, 2013), I deal with several new relationships. One is an evolving, love/hate duel with Snobby Donna, and one is with Becky, who actually seemed to like me until we "got off on the wrong foot".

The following entry explains it all.

Glenn K. Currie


The Dance

The dance didn’t turn out so good.
When I got out of the car
To pick up Becky
I stepped in dog stuff.
I had on my new white bucks.
The dog stuff was pretty noticeable
So I scraped my shoes off on the steps.
Becky stepped in it when she came out.
We tried to get it all off
But when we got in the car
We could all smell it.
Dad made us get out and try again.
It was a good thing it was a sock hop.
But Becky was still pretty mad.
She said only an idiot
Would wipe dog stuff on her steps.
Billy didn’t help. He told Becky
Her perfume smelled like farm animals.
She still had some on her socks.
I called Dad to take us home.

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