Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This is something new I have been working on. From time to time I will be showing the other nine parts of "Breakfast Chronicles".
Please let me know what you think?
I am doing this one first because I ran into someone (hi Collin) who is also familiar with Pasqual's and has enjoyed it's great morning ambience.


III. Breakfast at Pasqual’s (Santa Fe)


Table for Ten walked in at eight fifteen.

The small room was transformed.

Sleepy couples sipping coffee were suddenly awake.

The group fed off itself while waiting to be fed.

Tourists huddled at the edges of the place,

Settling silently among the T-shirts for sale,

Seeking to blend into the colors of chilis and pop art.

Table for Ten was the local’s heartbeat,

Where huevos rancheros came to rest.

They pulled up the shades,

Letting the morning sun

Fill the dark corners.

And with their laughter and biting commentary,

Announced the birth of the day.



This is part of a long poem titled “Breakfast Chronicles” that includes observations of ten interesting restaurants around the country. Breakfast places are particularly intriguing to me because they are an opportunity to see people in the early morning light, before they have a chance to put on their game faces. This poem is protected under copyright to Glenn K. Currie and has not yet been published other than in my blog.

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