Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I apologize for my lack of postings the last few days. I have been a little low on energy level, which comes with the territory of radiation treatments. I did want to get off a posting before the holiday, however, and since we are celebrating the birth of democracy in our country, it seems like it might be appropriate to add something about one of the problems that comes with democratically elected officials.

 It is, unfortunately, a problem with candidates from both parties, but lately seems to be a bigger issue with Democrats because the mainstream media seem to drink the Kool Aid so much more easily regarding these candidates.

 The Emperor’s Clothes is from Riding in Boxcars (Snap Screen Press, 2006) and is a cautionary tale for all of us.
Happy Fourth of July. Remember we are still the greatest country in the world, even if we do have a few problems.
Glenn K. Currie

                                            The Emperor's Clothes


In modern times, the Emperor’s clothes,

Are made by people no one knows.

And worn in ways quite confusing,

Designed to earn the voters’ choosing.


Candidates don many disguises,

Leaving us with wrong surmises.

Hoping when the crown they claim,

Their regal robes will quell disdain.


For few desire an Emperor’s ire,

By making indiscreet inquire.

Insiders know to play the game,

And wear whatever clothes remain.


But what about the rest of us,

False images, upon us thrust.

Should we accept deceit and lies,

Or to this subterfuge arise.


I guess I would prefer to be,

One who tells them what I see.

If whole cloth clothes invisibly,

It should be viewed quite quizzically.


Let’s throw the rascal out I say,

Should misdirection lead astray.

But even if this one’s deposed,

The same guys will design new clothes.

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