Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here are a few thoughts while watching stupid stuff on television:

All the extra channels just seem to give more members of our population the opportunity to prove they are idiots.

What does it tell us when a candidate runs a negative political ad on television that would embarrass a four year old in a spitting contest and then says, “I’m ----- and I approved this message”.

What does it say about us when we send this person to Congress and are disappointed that all they do is have spitting contests.

Do people who win the lottery understand that it is often one of the worst things that will ever happen to them? Their life will be run by lawyers and accountants in an environment where their greatest aspiration may to somehow free themselves from the expectations of others.

Why do the car dealers that run the dumbest ads seem to be the most successful? Think about that if you are one of the customers who made them rich.

Most of us watch sports to get away from politics and crime. So why don’t the announcers and commentators understand this. If I really want to hear intimate details on why Ray Rice cold-cocked his wife, there are 47 cable news stations and twenty three talk shows that are dealing with it.

I wish real life was like crime shows. Almost every show has an informant who somehow, in a city of ten million people, knows somebody who knows who did it. Those are the guys we should put on the payroll for the big bucks.

What is it about vampires and the walking dead that is so fascinating? Do we really want to see more examples of people who suck our blood? And as reality shows will testify, most of the population are already brain dead, so where do the zombies think they will find anything useful.

Glenn K. Currie

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