Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving can be a great time of year, if you’re not a turkey.

In our house, it was a huge festive occasion when friends and relatives saw each other, often for the only time in a year. People were usually in a pretty good mood because they didn’t have to cook. My mom loved the idea, maybe because she enjoyed the whole production. At least one year she did cook two turkeys because we had so many guests that a turkey big enough to accommodate everyone wouldn’t fit in her oven.

Thanksgiving Dinner (A Boy’s First Diary, 2007) is a true account of that gathering.

Looking back, it was quite a blessing to have a day when we could rejoice in our extended family, without a lot of hidden agendas. There weren’t a lot of days like that.

May you all be blessed and be thankful for your blessings on this beautiful holiday.

Glenn K. Currie

                  Thanksgiving Dinner

Mom cooked two turkeys this year.
We had a lot of guests.
Even Aunt Lil came from Connecticut.
There were people and kids everywhere.

Mom made so many vegetables
That she forgot two of them.
She remembered at dessert.
I didn’t have to eat the turnip.

I like Thanksgiving dinner.
I put gravy on everything,
Even the cranberry jelly.
It kind of hides the vegetables.

We had a really long prayer.
Aunt May fell asleep.
I think Mom thought she was sick,
But she woke right up again.

They put all the kids out in the kitchen.
That was a lot of fun.
Mom was upset about the peas.
She shouldn’t serve peas to kids in the kitchen.

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