Thursday, December 25, 2014

We have all been blessed to live on this beautiful planet. Whether we view it from Earth or as the glowing colorful jewel that is seen from space, the size and value of this gift is irrefutable. Yet as our population grows, we seem to be creating more damaged souls who have no greater objective than to destroy this beautiful planet.

Whether they use the crutches of religion and social engineering, or are simply motivated by greed and the search for power, they work every day to create a planet where diamonds will be turned back to coal.

We are a world in turmoil, capable of creating wonderful things and yet also of developing the means for a few individuals or small organizations to turn us into a barren place where beauty, love and freedom can be erased from the world in a few careless moments.

I wrote “A Christmas Prayer” (In the Cat’s Eye, 2009) at a dark time in our world. Unfortunately, the same prayer is still applicable. I offer it again this Christmas in the hope that a merciful God will help us find a way out of this wilderness.

Glenn K. Currie

                       A Christmas Prayer

We exist in a dark age.
A time where horrible things
Are done unto each other
In the name of religion.

Help us to find passage
To religions’ true teachings.
To end the hatred,
The explosions of hearts and minds.

Let quiet words create a gentle breeze
That blows away
The acrid scent of burning anger,
The smoke that blinds the soul.

And in this season
 Where presents are exchanged so freely,
Help us to begin to find
That gift born within each of us.

Give us the vision to see the light
That shines in the body electric.
That glow emitted by the human spirit
That can reach the farthest stars.

Give us the wisdom
To use that internal flame
 To find our way onto a new path,
And into a new world.

To that promised land
Where lions lie down with lambs,
And there is Peace on Earth
Goodwill to Men.


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