Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our society seems to have a fixation recently on the “walking dead”, vampires, and Armageddon. With all that to worry about, ghosts have become almost passé.

But, as quickly as our society has been evolving in recent years, ghosts are all around us. We just haven’t noticed. The “tall grass” hides their arrivals and departures. And perhaps, as we become more dehumanized as a society, we find it more difficult to maintain sentiment and attachment for the people and things that were once important in our lives. They slip away unnoticed while we focus on the “business” of our days.

Then we wake up in the night and find ghosts all around us. They are the halos of things once beloved or constant in companionship that faded from our view.

Is it a better world with so many new ghosts stirring in the evening air and forgotten in the morning world? I wonder.

Ghosts is a new poem.

Glenn K. Currie


Tall grass muffled their departure
                                         So that I hardly knew they were gone.
Sometimes I think I see them
Running along the edge of ancient forests.
Their hooves pound the hollowed earth
That falls away even as I watch.
The ground shifts, the planet spins,
And they are swallowed whole.
Their graves are the caverns left
By the needs of their successors.
Their replacements rage across the land,
Arriving in spectacle, burning the air,
Eating the tall grass of their ancestors.

 Glenn K. Currie copyright 2015

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