Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We vacationed in Hawaii the last two weeks, attending my niece’s wedding in Kauai and then returning to the Kona Coast for the first time in 43 years.
The drive along Kona on the south side of the big island of Hawaii is a lesson in how much in life we really don’t control.
Lava fields flow for miles down from Mauna Loa and on into the Pacific. They are a series of huge black and brown streams of rock that continue to build an island already created by eruptions from 10,000 plus feet below sea level and rising another 13000 feet into the sky.
The power that rests below the surface of this island chain is demonstrated pretty conclusively in a twenty mile drive from the airport along route 19. It makes you realize how small a factor man is in this world.
The beautiful people come here to resorts that take your breath away. Some, I am sure, think they are the “rulers of the universe”.
The “big island” with its beauty, clear view of the universe above, and stark exposure of the world beneath should provide a wake-up call to even the largest of egos.
I wrote “Hawaii Musings” while I sat on the beach at the Mauna Kea  resort. The stars come down to visit after midnight, and you can almost feel the rumble of the earth below. If you listen closely you can hear the gods stirring.
Glenn K. Currie

Hawaii Musings
                                                    (Copyright 2015 Glenn K. Currie)

There is plentiful beauty here,
Bikinis that match the thin skin
Of girls and women with polished nails.
Beaches so perfect, the ocean
Kisses them with gentle tongue.
Black and white lava rocks,
Cool slowly in the hot sun.
 Ground and polished to sand,
They are spread as a welcome carpet,
Jewels ‘neath the feet of the new gods.

What a wondrous thing this place,
Born from the spit of volcanoes.
Watched over by Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa,
 Hovering like moo mooed matrons,
Their girth rising gracefully into the clouds.
The island, decorated with Bougainvillea,
Bird of Paradise, and offerings beyond compare,
Spreads out at their feet in supplication,
Hoping that when these old gods next awaken,
They will spare these imposters.

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