Friday, February 26, 2016

Music has the ability to pick us up and take us to new places. It also can carry us back to favorite times. It can be soothing, arousing, or bury us under the beat of distant tribal drums.

I often write with quiet notes playing in the background. I find they help to unlock the spirits.

The Porcelain Piano (copyright 2016) is a new poem that evolved from one of these sessions after a particularly difficult day. The difference was that, this time, I put the pen down, and the solitary piano placed notes before me that told stories that had been written in the thin ether that is life.

Glenn K. Currie

The Porcelain Piano

The waves lifted me.
Lighter than air balloons
Rose over the mountains
Into the clouds,
Then floated
 Down the stairs of my childhood,
Leaving notes
I wish I had written.
They painted pictures
In the wind:
Impressionist works
That filled a moment,
Then faded.
Black and white keys,
Transposed, solid to liquid,
So I could drink until drunk.
Until tears
Had torn, refreshed and healed,
And the waves could finally
Wash away the mountains.

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