Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It’s all about winning. Suddenly, or maybe not so suddenly, our society has immersed itself in a game of self-destruction. If we can’t win, then we must at least destroy the opponent.

We seem incapable of coming together as a nation, or trying to heal the open wounds. If our population doesn’t wise up, we will gradually bleed to death.

All the talk about tolerance and diversity has been thrown out the window. Apparently, it only applies if it relates to our group. And, sadly, the most intolerant now seem to be the ones who used to preach it.

We have reached a point where Kennedy’s famous request that we ask “ what (we) can do for our country” has been distorted into, “if the country doesn’t agree with me, I will do my best to destroy it”.

It truly has become “all about me, and my opinions and wants”. There seems little room for compromise or cooperation.

A few years ago, I wrote a poem about a growing sense of egotism and greed concerning our celebrities and political leaders. I fear that this has spread into a national disease.

Perhaps it would be wise for everyone to take a breath and think about “National Anthem” (In the Cat’s Eye, Snap Screen Press, 2009). Is this really where we want to go as a nation?

Glenn K. Currie

                          National Anthem

It’s all about me!
It’s all about me!
That’s how it should be.
Speaking candidly,
I’m in love with me.
Me! Me! Me!
It’s all about me!

It’s hypocrisy,
To didactically,
Preen endlessly,
About humanity.
Just turn on TV,
And you will see,
The reality.
It’s all about me!

So when up you stand,
With heart in your hand,
Prepared for the band’s
First song of the land,
Please sing after me,
“Oh say can you see,
The land of the free,
Is all about me”.

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