Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sometimes we get lost in life. We get buffeted by divorce, disease and disillusionment, and wake up one day to realize all the maps were wrong.

Asking directions doesn’t usually help much. A New England farmer spoke volumes when he told the tourist “you can’t get there from here”. Well you can’t get “there” until you know where and what “there” is. And in that is the challenge and the adventure.

I wrote The Journey (In the Cat’s Eye, 2011)  to share a hard truth about life. There are no real answers. All we can do is persevere, and try to make the best decisions we can with the little knowledge we are given. Good luck to each of you on your journeys.

Glenn K. Currie

The Journey


When first the waves washed over me,

I knew not what they’d bring,

I floated free in quiet rest,

‘Til the world came rushing in.

I awoke to drum beats calling me,

The same that ruled my heart,

And the youthful soul that marched therein,

Followed an unmarked chart.

Each step required another choice,

Offering different ways,

Decision trees flowed endlessly,

A spider’s web of grays.

Soon I came to the ocean’s edge,

Staring out across the sea,

Hoping to find a pilot wise,

And a ship to carry me.

But no one knew what lay across,

There was no where or when,

Even the stars could only say,

Where I had already been.

The truth I found, was I alone

Must bridge the start and end,

Writing my life on grains of sand,

The winds of chance my pen.