Monday, September 22, 2014


As October approaches I am putting up a new poem, October Walk.

This is a beautiful time in New England, filled with pastels that warm the crisp air to a perfect temperature. But like everything else in life, there is no free lunch. October will be followed by the darker days of late fall and winter. And while these months have their own stark beauty, the colors of the world will quickly fade from our sight.

The seasons play with us here: filled with promises that may be kept or broken. It is hard to read the leaves of autumn.

Glenn K. Currie


October Walk

It is the season

Of diminished expectations,

When the world comprehends

Its limitations.

Streets are filled

With fallen dreams,

Swept up by colder winds.


I feel them tugging

At my trousers.

An undertow, gently dragging me

Into a sea of color,

Then spitting me out

In a whirling breath

Of devils at play.


I am part of a canvas

Painted by revelations.

Tiny pieces from the palette

Float on the arc

Of the universe,

Then scatter around me,

Fading in the evening light.

 Copyright 2014 Glenn K. Currie

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