Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Haikus are an interesting form of poetry that can say a lot in few words. Writing rhyming haikus is an additional challenge. I am including here a series of new rhymers that will help deflect the accusations that I don’t write enough in rhyme. I write in the format that seems appropriate to the message.

I had a lot of fun with these and I hope you will also.

Copyright 2014 Glenn K. Currie

Rhyming Haiku


When the sun rises,

They meet, who each despises,

Death meting prizes.


The phone in her ear,

Made it hard for her to hear

The greyhound so near.


Pictured in the frames,

Relatives no one can name.

Blood all that remains.


Each new flake of snow,

Wind taking it where it can go,

Lost in ukiyo.


Winter does bequeath

Snow above, black ice beneath,

Travelers enwreathed.


Out of your cortex,

Accompanied by dim bulbs,

Dropped into vortex.


The buffet’s arrays,

Display best ways to portray

Yesterday’s replays.

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