Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This posting is also from A Boy’s First Diary (Snap Screen Press, 2007). It was quite a wake-up call to us both as we headed into the uncertain waters of puberty.

Glenn K. Currie

                                                    Bare Hill Observatory 

Last week, Billy and I,

Went up to Bare Hill Observatory.

We were playing Indian scouts,

And sneaking through the woods.


Just behind the tower,

We saw two big kids.

They were on a blanket,

In the pine grove.


They were playing kissy face,

Like you see in the movies.

They were missing clothes.

Then Billy stepped on a stick.


We ran back down the hill.

Nobody chased us.

Girls look a lot different,

When they get older.


We’ve been to the observatory,

Three times this week.

But nobody is there.

I guess they got cold.