Friday, November 22, 2013

 When I was thirteen, I actually thought there was a chance of understanding girls. 57 years later, I know how foolish that was. But, at the time, I was still young and hopeful that the world made sense.
In my new book, Survivng Seventh Grade, (2013), I pursued this question with friends and parents, in  "What Girls Want". The answers were never satisfactory.
Have a nice weekend.
Glenn K. Currie

What Girls Want


I asked Billy what he thought girls wanted.

He said they like lots of ice cream.

If you don’t get them ice cream

They get very cranky.

I think Irma likes ice cream.

I wasn’t sure if that was universal, however.

Billy sometimes lacks subtlety

In his approach to things.

So I asked Mom.

She said girls like boys who are

Smart, kind and have a sense of humor.

Mom hasn’t been to school in a while.

The popular boys in school

Seem to be dumb, mean and tall.

I guess Mom meant girls in the olden days,

Before they became crazy.

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