Monday, November 11, 2013


It seems fitting on Veterans’ Day to remember the ones that were left behind. In Vietnam, we exited in haste and left POW’s there who were never brought home. At first North Vietnam wanted to use them as bargaining chips and when that didn’t happen, they became “embarrassments” to both the United States (which abandoned them) and the Vietnamese (who claimed they didn’t exist). Ultimately the years eliminated the “problem”.

It is a shameful part of our history that the politicians would rather forget. The POW/MIA black flags are around to remind the world that these soldiers should not be forgotten and such shameful behavior on the part of our politicians should never happen again.

I wrote “POW/MIA” (Riding in Boxcars,2006) as a tribute to these soldiers and an indictment of the shabby treatment of them by our government. Please say a little prayer for all those who have served their country and never come back.

Glenn K. Currie



A field of razor grass,

Its borders undefined.

Faded flags flown for those,

Our nation left behind.


Illusions scattered here,

Like seeds on salted earth.

Ghosts drifting in the wind,

Souls searching for rebirth.


A place where war games played,

Controlled by pinstriped suits.

Soldiers left to answer,

With hesitant salutes.


Then one day abandoned,

Men left where they had lain.

Stranded in this far place,

Their country tired of pain.


Now buried in long shadows,

This field a place of shame.

Razor grass the prison,

O’er those who still remain.


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