Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ode to the Doors is a new old poem. This is its first exposure to the light. For those of you who missed the sixties, this may seem irrelevant. But The Doors were the gatekeepers to the late sixties. More than the Beatles or Elvis or the Stones or anyone else, their music captured that era.

It is perhaps telling that by 1971, with the death of Jim Morrison, they were done. But for that brief piece of history, from Vietnam to the drugged-out corners of America, they were the ones that caught the vibes and flung them back out at us.

Writing a poem about poets is hard. I have chewed on this for a while. 

I hope I have captured a little of where they took us.

Glenn K. Currie

Ode to The Doors

I guess Jim Morrison had it right,

Sixties were darkness deceived by light.

Doors slammed shut, and Doors opened wide,

Anthems that floated on changing tides.

The stoned out lyrics were made for Nam,

Heartbeats to children searching for psalms.

They also broke through to the other side,

Walls of sound where survivors could hide.

I listened there to share the insanity,

And once back here I liked the inanity.

In either place the message they send

Is this is the end, this is the end.

Copyright Glenn K. Currie 2014

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