Tuesday, April 15, 2014

People get in a lot of trouble when they don’t look where they are going. It’s okay to learn from mistakes but not to let yourself get overwhelmed by them.

Every day gives each of us a chance to do things better, to make smarter decisions, to turn a new corner.

Missed Opportunities (Riding in Boxcars, 2006) is meant to be a wake-up call: A chance to avoid stepping on the banana peel…again.

Glenn K. Currie

Missed Opportunities

Life is full of missed opportunities,

Chances for romance, salvation, success.

Paths never taken and never resolved,

Unmade beds, where the mind never rests.

They play like old records, grooves worn too deep,

Over and over, the needle repeats.

Too painful to leave, too painful to keep,

We go round and round, reliving defeats.

And in the process of chasing regrets,

Too often we’re caught, looking away,

Staring right past, missed opportunities,

Soon to become, old records replayed.

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