Sunday, May 4, 2014

By the time we reach a certain age, most of us have experienced the loss of loved ones and friends.

Our own mortality becomes increasingly real.

I have seen a lot of statues and even known some pretty famous people. Too often it seems that those who work hard to become statues often seem to assume that position before it is necessary.

It is interesting to see how many really smart folks think they  can somehow outlive their own passing.

In Memoriam (Daydreams, 2004), I have taken a different view. The best lives I have observed were lived by those who faced the world with the objective of being the best human being that they could be. They left behind families and friends who could smile at the parts they played in their lives and treasure their memories.

In retrospect, I would venture that very few would trade that to become a pedestal for pigeons.

Glenn K. Currie


                                                All who walk upon the Earth,

Make momentary stay,

Children of the Creator,

Who carries them away.


But footprints trail each passing,

The memories left behind,

Reflections of their visit,

That break the bounds of time.


The tender touch of caring,

Still there across the years,

A hand to soothe the loneliness,

Conquering the fears.


And laughter, still contagious,

A smile that makes the spirit fly,

Sparkling bright, or resting light,

Deep in gentle eyes.


And in the wake of passing,

All who gather here,

Are bathed within the Glory,

Life lived full and fair and dear.



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