Monday, August 18, 2014


Below is a poem that I wrote about a month ago. We all have our weaknesses and sometimes it’s best to face them head on and hope for the best.

An “Afternoon Affair” (copyright Glenn K. Currie 2014) can wear a hole in the fabric of your everyday routine and change your outlook on life. It certainly has had an impact on mine.

Glenn K. Currie


Afternoon Affair


We lay together.

Seven different positions.

Always in the same order,

Except once.

When she wanted to reverse

The sequence.


She insisted she be in control.

And I gave myself

To her.

Removing my pants

On her command,

And lying beneath her.


The affair lasted nine weeks.

She drained me dry.

Forcing me, finally,

To walk away

In an effort to

Save myself.


I miss her a little.

The quiet is unsettling.

Like the aftermath

On a battlefield.

Now I wait to see

If we killed the cancer.

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