Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have decided to put a few newer poems on the blog. Some of them are in rhyme, a form I often use when writing humor. I apologize in advance to all you “serious poets” out there who hold rhyme in contempt, but for me it works in some cases, particularly when writing humor or for children.
I wrote “Firefly Wisdom” (copyright Glenn K. Currie, 2014) a couple of years ago when I was planning a release of a new children’s book. Because of health and other reasons, the book is probably not going to happen, so let’s have some fun with it here.

There is really a message for all of us in it if we are willing to look. Miracles can be found in the strangest of the earth’s creatures and human beings may be the strangest and most surprising of all.

Glenn K. Currie

                                                          Firefly Wisdom


                                                The elephant said to the firefly

                                                No one could be as strange as I.

                                                I dare dispute what you decry,

                                                My tail on fire, your claim belies.

                                                And though we both are odd, it’s true,

There’s some more quaint than me and you.


Birds that swim and put heads in sand,

Fish that fly and walk on their hands.

But upon the Earth the queerest, methinks,

Is the human creature, who should be extinct.


He has no skills that I can tell,

No wings to fly, no protective shell.

Predators see him as a tasty treat,

And he only runs on two of his feet.

He has no claws to fend off foes,

No fur to warm him when it snows.


So keep perspective about your flaws,

Don’t let your appearance give you pause,

Though often we be of bizarre depiction,

There’s one out there who is stranger than fiction.




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