Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Evolution can take many different forms. We often think of it as the development of the human species, but our society, our economy, and everything around us is constantly evolving.

When a new technological development occurs, it is almost impossible to perceive all the ramifications. The arrival of the internet has impacted almost every aspect of modern life, yet the change is no more game-changing than what happened around the beginning of the twentieth century. The widespread development of automobiles, airplanes, electricity, atomic theory, manufacturing practices, cinematography, telephones, and “modern” warfare all combined to change the world at a breath-taking pace.

To those trying to deal with the transitions that these things caused, it probably seemed like the earth was falling away beneath them, just as the internet is causing the same feelings to much of society, many businesses and most of us over the age of fifty. Everything we thought we knew, everything we were, is without foundation. Our jobs, families, and societies are suddenly adrift in a hurricane of change.

Ghosts (a new poem) is really about all of us as we move along the evolutionary trail.

Glenn K. Currie


Tall grass muffled their departure
So that I hardly knew they were gone.
Sometimes I think I see them
Running along the edge of ancient forests.
Their hooves pound the hollowed earth
That falls away even as I watch.
The ground shifts, the planet spins,
And they are swallowed whole.
Their graves are the caverns left
By the needs of their successors,
Their replacements rage across the land,
Arriving in spectacle, burning the air,
Eating the tall grass of their ancestors.

Copyright 2015 Glenn K. Currie

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