Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I just finished participating in a musical revue put on by the Rotary Club of Concord. I was only a small piece of the production, but there was something very cathartic about joining with so many others to do something for the community.

The funds raised will go towards support of a variety of local charities, and based on the hours involved  it probably wasn’t very cost effective, but a great many fine performers, musicians and support personnel helped create something that represents everything wonderful about life in a small town.

In a world burdened with so much anger and violence, it was a pleasure to see so many people focusing on some of the brighter things in life. Singing and dancing helps free the spirit and cleanse the soul for both the cast and the audience.

Art in general, opens us to infinite possibilities, and breaks down some of the dark borders that can encroach on the frames of our minds. It is nice sometimes to set aside the evening news, and the pent up political issues that absorb so much of our time and energy, and find something in the broad worlds of music and art that will allow us to soar above the base lines of life.

Try it sometime. Give your brain a “full body massage” and find a place where you can exult in the best you have to offer, rather than simply allowing yourself to be assaulted by what the world decides to dump upon you.

Glenn K. Currie

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