Friday, September 20, 2013

“Apartment 3C” is a new poem in which I focus on a middle class marriage that is severely tested when a child enters into the family dynamics. A lot of changes impact relationships as young couples adapt to a very different home life. The rooms get smaller and the differences grow larger.
It is easy to get overwhelmed as windows close that once helped light the way through difficult passages.

It is a story played out too frequently in 21st century America.

Glenn K. Currie



Apartment 3C


They fought for space in a narrow kitchen,

Dueling cereal boxes elbowed their contents

Into unmatched bowls of skim milk.

Words were spoken only in the morning mist

Of veiled grunts delivered skyward.

A small child sat on the edge,

Crying into her dish of Cheerios.

Her unanswered protests echoed off

A closed window, too small to catch the light.

The day was beginning the way the night ended,

With refuge soon to be sought in work.

Finally, words were necessary,

The child the subject of tense negotiations

On who would drop her off at daycare.



Copyright 2013 Glenn K. Currie