Friday, September 27, 2013

Today I am posting another segment from my new poem, “Breakfast Chronicles”.

Breakfast at L’Auberge (Sedona), recounts my observations while having breakfast in Sedona, Arizona, in a beautiful setting along the Oak Creek.

The service and food were wonderful. And the flowing water sang to us as we watched the dancers pass across the stage.

 Glenn K. Currie

Breakfast at L’Auberge (Sedona)


Thick auburn hair hung to her breasts,

Its untamed streaks ran naked everywhere.

She leashed a few of the wildings between her fingers,

To dampen their animal spirits

And keep her own in check.

Her jeans, boots and open flannel shirt

Suggested that after breakfast,

She would conquer the desert’s back trails.

The front trails seemed well-mastered.

Her friend was a still life

In a corner of a Renoir.

His day-old beard lost among her tangles,

Framed to insignificance,

By the girl with the auburn hair.




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