Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let’s add a little humor to the postings.

The two “adult/childrens” books that I have written, A Boy’s First Diary (2007) and Surviving Seventh Grade (2013) were both from the viewpoint of kids. (My wife says I relate to kids in grade school because, mentally I am still about thirteen.)

Adults can easily forget the challenges the world throws at us when our minds and bodies are growing at different rates and the world seems to be built only for full-size people.

This is a true story about one of those obstacles from A Boy's First Diary.

Glenn K. Currie

Campsite Toilets


I don’t like the toilets when we go camping.

They’re like Uncle Edwin’s outhouse, only bigger.

I worry about falling through the seat.

They make the opening too big for kids.


Grown-ups don’t have to worry as much,

They can cover the whole seat easy.

But kids have to balance on the edge,

And some of the holes are pretty deep.


Last night I had to go really bad,

So I took the flashlight and walked to the toilet.

I was sitting on the edge and lost my balance.

I might have been playing with the flashlight.


The flashlight fell down into the hole.

It sank slowly and the light shined up for a while.

It was a pretty horrible death.

In the dark, I knocked our toilet paper in the hole, too.


I used some leaves from a bush.

I hope they weren’t poison ivy.

I stubbed my toe twice walking back.

It was really dark and scary.


In the morning, Dad was looking for the toilet paper.

I told him the flashlight was in the hole.

He was more upset about the toilet paper.

We used Time magazine until Dad went to the store.


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