Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Susanne and I like to search through antique shops occasionally. It’s a way to reconnect to the past and to understand our ancestors. In these shops are the things they saved. The things they deemed precious.
Often, we will find boxes of old photographs, tin-types, cabinet cards, etc. I used to think what a shame it was that the current families had so lost touch with their ancestors, that these, mostly nameless, images had been relegated to the dusty shelves of the shops.
Then one day I realized that these pictures were only a momentary slice of each person’s life.
I wrote “Reflections” (In the Cat’s Eye, 2009) to relate my thoughts of what might be my connection to a great, great, great granddaughter, long after I had passed away.
We all can see pieces of our history, our ancestors, every time we look in the mirror. This is the chance each of us has at some form of immortality. I hope when my descendants look in the mirror many years from now, they will see a little piece of me smiling back at them…maybe even blowing them a kiss.
Glenn K. Currie



I bought the mirror for my daughter's bedroom

A month after she was born.

Now it leaned against the eaves,

In a far corner of the attic,

No longer suitable for capturing images.

Life’s blades had chipped away at the edges,

And a century of dust

Cast a veil across the glass.

I watched the young woman gaze into it,

Eyes bright and full of hope,

Smiling through the haze.

I smiled back,

From behind the glass,

And blew her a kiss.

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