Friday, October 4, 2013

I am going to post a couple of extra things this weekend because I will be travelling for a while and will not be in wi-fi reach.

I heard Billy Collins last night accept the Jane Kenyon award. Good stuff! Another poet with a sense of humor. Maybe someday people will realize he’s pretty good. Actually there was a line to get in that ran around the block. New Hampshire seems to like poets. They have certainly been good to me by buying over 5000 of my books.

Anyway, it seemed to be a good time to do some humor, so here is some thirteen-year-old stuff from my latest book, Surviving Seventh Grade (2013).

I guess the moral of this story is “he who pads his resume may find the padding stuck in an uncomfortable place”.
Glenn K. Currie

Kleenex and Potatoes

Billy said Irma told him

That a lot of the girls

Stuff Kleenex in their bras

To make themselves look more mature.


That didn’t seem fair.

What can guys do?

We were getting way behind

In trying to look mature.


Billy’s brother Dave, told him

He could try stuffing a potato down there.

I tried that at home,

It doesn’t work with boxer shorts.


I told Mom I needed briefs.

She got me some briefs,

But an Idaho potato looks weird.

Maine potatoes look a little better.


I tried walking to school with one,

But it kept shifting around down there,

And it’s not good when it gets in back.

Maybe I should stuff Kleenex instead.



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