Thursday, October 31, 2013

In order to help celebrate Halloween, I am posting “Two Moon Night” (In the Cat’s Eye, 2009). In the book it was accompanied by a very fitting photograph, but you will have to use your imagination here.
I love this poem for the way it provides a rhythm to the mysteries and fears that possess most of us at one time or another; particularly when we feel the presence of the creatures that prowl the Earth in the early darkness of October and November.

Happy Halloween
Glenn K. Currie


Two Moon Night 

The devil dances, on the two moon night,

His breath’s cold vapor, freezing in the light.

And a ghost moon rides the fog’s thick back,

Searching in the darkness for fugitive’s tracks.


He dances, dances, dances,

When the ghost moon rides the sky,

And the forest fills with empty souls,

Searching for a place to lie.


Treetops bend to the banshee’s scream,

Timber wolves gather by lava streams,

Red coals burn beneath tainted ground,

Waiting for those the ghost moon found.


He dances, dances, dances,

Across the two moon night,

Stealing through the luminous fog,

Blocking out the light.

Forest beds in decay, collect the purged debris.

Tattered shades, drawn this day, mourn what used to be.

 Reapers rise from below, sweeping up remains,

As two moons light the devil’s dance, o’er his dark domain.


He dances, dances, dances,

Fanning the rising flames.

While two moons search the shadows,

On the night the devil reigns.




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