Tuesday, October 1, 2013

“Kaleidoscope” (In the Cat’s Eye, 2009) is about the media and the general public. From their observation posts, they encourage beauty and innocence, and help bring it fame and celebrity. And then they seem to take delight in watching that celebrity get chopped to pieces in the camera’s bright lights. For too many, the plunge into the abyss becomes the best part of the story.
Glenn K. Currie

The light waved to the north wind,

As she danced across the snow.

She was sunshine’s fresh-faced child,

Born to brighten the world.

But a tiger maple eye,

Captivated by her beauty,

Dragged her into his cave

Of stained glass and mirrored walls.

She brought light to the darkness

But fell through the glass, into an abyss,

And was cut to pieces.

Her bright blood flowed freely,

Mixing with the broken colors,

In a spinning vortex.

As they plunged into the depths,

They created fireworks

Of unimagined beauty.

And the eye in the eye

Was pleased.

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