Saturday, March 1, 2014

As I sit this 1st day of March, surrounded by two feet of snow, I try to gather strength and husband hopes from the knowledge that a rebirth of the land will soon take place.

Spring is the beginning of the cycle of life for our place on this earth. It is the season of wonder and the freshness of new discoveries.  And it is the proof of our resurrection from the seemingly endless gray of winter.

I wrote Spring (Riding in Boxcars, 2006) to try to capture the youthful exuberance that comes with this season. For adults especially, its arrival seems akin to that last day of school when we were ten. It gives us permission to turn our souls inside out and feel the joy of shedding our burdens and walking into a land of new beginnings.

The caption I wrote under the accompanying photograph in my book reads "We are young as long as we still savor the scents of lilacs and roses and fresh clover".

Stay young. Spring is coming.

Glenn K. Currie



Oh the joy!

A child,

Singing to a morning

Immaculate in conception.

Filled with the innocence

Of fresh awakenings.


A child,

Turning clouds

To cathedrals.

Playing hide and seek,

In the dappled shade,

Of new-born leaves.


A child,


 By the perfumes,

Of lilacs and daffodils.

Drinking dew drops,

From buttercups.


A child,

Building civilizations

In the soft earth.

Bathing in the sunshine

Of endless possibilities.

Oh the joy!

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