Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our lives are marked by births and marriages and funerals, and the people that move in and out of our conscious worlds. Most of these people intersect with us only in brief moments. We are participants in a larger universe where our perspectives are unique and share common ground with others only in accidental congruence.

The major events that define the lives of our friends almost always start and finish without us .We are  part of the crowd that makes life real for them, but then we spin off in different directions coming back together only as pieces in a play without a script.

Sometimes it is hard to tell what is real at these intersecting events. Have we been here before? Does everything seem familiar? Is this part of that dream that seemed so real a few years or weeks ago. 

Weddings are the strangest. We usually know just one of the two individuals. And the odds are that half will end in divorce. Yet the event is filled with the romantic optimism that represents the beginnings of new lives. And we drink and dance and hope that this will be a time when two people will find a partner to share their journey across this earth.

The Wedding (copyright Glenn K. Currie, 2014) is about one of those events.


The Wedding


The line between here and there

Seems so thin.

I wonder sometimes if I cross

Back and forth,

And never know it.

People seem to disappear

For so many years

And then return,

Recounting their journey

In the time it takes

To wait in a drink line

At a wedding.

Perhaps I have slept

Through my hours on Earth

Only to wake to memories

Translucent as air.

Warm breaths that ride a breeze

Blowing through a bipolar world

Of  whispers and shouts.


Of life and death,

Tossed off

Like so many gin and tonics.


I sit and watch

A young couple take vows

In a gathering

That will never be duplicated

Yet occurs all the time.

I wonder who I will see

When some of us meet again.

Or will my journey

Never again intersect

With those who move

From here to there.

copyright 2014 Glenn K. Currie

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