Sunday, March 30, 2014


The Road (Daydreams, 2004) is about New England…and about life. It is a path we have all traveled in one form or another, encountering obstacles that most of us have faced.


Perhaps that’s what fascinates so many with the New England countryside. In it, along its highways and byways, we can find pieces of the evolution of the American culture, and evidence of some of the unhappy places that lie in our future.


Glenn K. Currie



                                                     The Road


                                                Through old mill towns,

                                                Married to rivers

                                                That have lost their purpose.

                                                Facades staring out,

                                                With long memories,

                                                And short futures.

                                                Leaning toward the water,

                                                Like divorcees

                                                Who can’t let go.


                                                Past dairy farms

                                                That once prospered,

                                                Now fighting for survival.

                                                Faded red barns,

                                                Framed by rocky meadows,

                                                Rusting mowers,

                                                And homes too big.

                                                Waiting hopelessly,

                                                For reinforcements.


                                                Weaving through valleys

                                                Huddled in shadow.

                                                Mountains made tall

                                                By their hulking proximity.

                                                Stealing the sunlight.

                                                Bullies ruling

                                                A small world.

                                                Forcing travelers

                                                To go around.


Ending at the highway.

The intersection

Of fast food and fast cars.

Public restrooms

And self-serve gas.

Where everyone knows

Where they are going,

And can’t remember,

Where they have been.


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